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On Site Consultation:  Professional interior decorating advice and assistance.  We thoroughly evaluate every space; discuss the client’s preferred design ideas.

Space Planning:

  • Drawing a room to scale by free-hand should duplicate the portions of a client’s room. 
  • The use of a CAD, “Computer Aide Design” software is used to draft and improve the quality of design. 
  • Provide detailed plans so you can visualize your space before we start the interior design phase.

Furniture Layout and Selection:

  • Furniture Layout:  determines where the focus point of the room is located, considers what the traffic pattern of a room are and how to establish the Axis of a room.
  • Furniture Selection:  Trends in furniture design.  Modern, Contemporary, Country, Traditional, French, Mediterranean, etc. 

Paint Planning:  To select a specific color to use in your color scheme.

  • Warm Colors:  Reds, Orange and Yellow
  • Cool Colors:  Blue, Green and Purple


  • Staging helps the seller of a home attract buyers.  Staging utilizes decorating techniques to which creates a welcoming atmosphere and increase the visual appeal of the property.

Project Coordination & Management: 

  • Project management oversees all activities needed to deliver results.  

Purchasing, Delivery and Installation:

  • Research on the internet
  • Shopping in stores
  • Available for delivery and installation